London Market Specialists


From our wealth of experience spanning over some 30 years, Ionian Insurance can offer a personable, high quality insurance service to local markets and international clients.


Ionian Insurance & Partners is an independent company that can tailor specific insurance products, supported with exclusive access to specialist London Insurance Markets and the largest Insurance companies in Europe, ensuring our clients best interest.


Privacy, confidentiality and personal information protection of our clients data is fundamental to our company philosophy.


Our specialist team will listen to requests and tailor personal insurance cover to suit your individual requirements.


Ionian Insurance & Partners is an experienced London Insurance Market specialist and broker. We have launched a new initiative to cater specifically for the insurance needs of overseas owners and  Expats in Greece, offering the unique quality of London Market Insurance products combined with our vast local experience.

The specialized insurance products on offer are driven by the expertise of insurance and property professionals to produce the most relevant and up to date insurance cover required to ensure that overseas owners and Expats are fully protected against physical and other risks

These products have the full backing of specialist London Insurance Market and all policy documents can be offered in English. English law and courts can also be chosen to our policies .
All the lines of business offer a significant scope of cover at very competitive premiums